Friday, October 5, 2012

Lunch cooked by Kris Aquino : Chicken Turmeric Rice

Sino ang gugustuhing mag-diet kung ganto ka-special ang kakainin everyday! Luto ng Queen of All Media, the cooking diva herself, Kris Aquino! Thanks Krisy libre again ang yummy lunch ko hehehe!


  1. wow! sarap nmn nyan ms. darla - THE ABS CBN'S PRETTIEST...
    makagawa nga ng ganyan bukas... :-)

  2. Hi Darla, can you pls get Kris to cook this on her show? I've been posting requests on her instagram about this no one seems to see it as its always flooded. Her original website which was ported on fb doesn't seem working, I think something went wrong along the way. Also her her new website old recipe posted were not there...pls share Sone happiness of her flavors..thanks in advance.. from a hungry viewer xoxo