Saturday, September 29, 2012

No Rice Diet, Season 10-Episode 4.

Naparami ang dinner. Weekend kasi siguro. Basta iniisip ko na lang, hindi ako nag-rice. Di na ako guilty. Hehehe. Hirap to lose weight no? Baka kayo may ma-share na tips dyan. Thanks!


  1. I dont eat rice either.

    You do need carbs in your life (hello to energy!) ... eat WHEAT bread (awesome with ANY meat, like a sandwich!), wheat noodles, and RED potatos (less starchier than brown potatos) ...

    bake dont fry

    mix up your salad ... fruit salad, seafood salad, lettuce (theres MILLIONS) salad ... just remember, ANYTHING can be mixed together to be a salad!

  2. haaay ang hirap huhuhu! pero thanks po sa reminder!